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6 Tips to shop what and how during store clearance sale

August 14, 2019

All you fashionistas, I am back with a blog post which is oh so tempting. Yes! So we are going to digest some simple yet spicy shopping tips right now! Are you ready to take the End of Season Sale by storm?

What exactly is EOSS?

It is in recent years, India is hit by the EOSS clearance sale trend marking end of a major apparel season. With the boom in online shopping websites, fashion businesses are witnessing a competition to retain their consumers. This is why it is necessary they refresh collection often. Bringing in great deals and offers online retailers manage to clear out the stocks swiftly. In India the EOSS months are mid July to end September and end December to January.

Do you wish to be the best shopper during EOSS?

  1. Keep adding the hot new arrivals and high end clothing to your wish list, especially those which are out of your budget and you absolutely want them. Now you just need to wait for the sale to begin.
  2. All set with your wish list and the reminder on your calendar for the sale to begin in various shopping websites. Remember this to grab the best deals before they are gone.
  3. Now your favorite outfits from a brand will be available across different shopping websites. Compare for best deal and bring them home.
  4. Now you are about to fall for these but deep breathe and hold back your temptation. Don't end up buying skirts or shoes which are too large or too small and you know they will never fit you. It will not be called as a steal deal but it's a waste of money.
  5. Try this hack of sticking to basic like trousers, jackets or shirts and not going with season trends. These you can use over and over again across seasons.
  6. The point you need to be really careful about is the Return Policy. There is this slightest chance that clothing or shoes you purchase online might not fit you or the accessories do not meet your expectations, then you have to raise a return.

Some of my favorite fashion deals running online.

  1. 50-80% off running on Myntra.
  2. 50-90% off Ajiomania sale on Ajio.
  3. Amazon Fashion Sale up to 80% off.
  4. Zara offering up to 70% off
  5. Shein happily giving 30 to 60% off

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