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August 18, 2018

Bello my lovies!

I am a freaky minions fan and so for a change I used “Bello” and not “Hello” for greeting you all. Minions are so cute right? I can cuddle them so tight that they pop. At times I dream to have a minion house. Me playing Agnes, Stuart, Bob and Dave busy pampering me all day. Imagine, how exciting it will be! Also I keep adding minion toys, minion mobile cover to my collection and this time got my hands on color changing minion tshirt from Swa-Desi. The amazing thing is it is UV activated. So indoors or on a cloudy day you can see just the black and white print but once you are out in sun the colors start showing up. It appears like magic but it is actually science. The t-shirt is soft feeling and comfortable to wear. There is no color bleeding and the prints are completely skin friendly. Going ahead I will talk about the 90’s looks I created using this t-shirt and few style hacks to nail 90’s look.

90’s kid is still alive in me. Then I was kid and had the least understanding of fashion but now when I look back there is so much to take from. Whether you loved or hated the 90’s decade was revolutionary and experimental with fashion. It was about denim overall be it distressed jackets or mom jeans with patches. Trousers were mostly high raise, flared or carrot. Popular among the footwear were the platform sneakers be it multi-colored or simple white ones. Nailing the sporty look with vibrant wind breakers or color pop track suit was popular among girls. Flashy velvet, colorful stripes, gingham patterns were trending in 90’s.

After a lot of research I landed creating a look with easy found clothes every girl will be comfortable in and yes at affordable price. I kept the t-shirt, slit flared pants and platforms in common for all the looks ,playing around with accessories.

Look 1- I tucked in the minion t-shirt with the loose slit wide-legged pants and kept my sleeves folded. You know how much popular this was in school days. Used a red gingham head band adding some colors.

Look 2- Now you see how this denim fanny pack gives the whole new grunge feel to the first look. Fanny packs the most ignored in the handbag family has made a massive comeback. ย This helps to keep all the necessary things handy and when styled the right way you stand out as the stunner. Now we understand why our fathers preferred one then.

Look 3- This is about adding my favorite distressed big denim jacket to the outfit. A whole new transformation right. Now you know the power of layering.

Look 4- Created this whole new look just by tying up a knot into my t-shirt flaunting my curves.


Here are few of the links to my outfits and accessories used.

Minion t-shirt

Wide-legged slit trousers

Big whiteย sunglasses

Gingham Hair Band

Denim Fanny Pack

I will be glad to see you all create some of these looks. I am nothing without you all my loves. It is very important that you take sometime to like, share and comment.



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