Hey there !

 The life of a techie like me seems to be a glittery gift box  for onlookers but those who are with me really know the uphill battle involved. Being an engineer and a part of automotive industry my heart always beats for creativity. Hold on, shall not bore you with any of my la la land stories or childhood dreams.

It is about the girl who has always found  delight in experimenting things. She believes in dressing such a way that the outfit does all the talking about who she is. At times she is messy and loves to be at the cozy corner of her bed. There are times she is a proven traveller globtrotting and exploring places and knowing people. While she loves being clicked also has developed interests of being behind the camera too. A big time foodie in her is also a devotee of desi style cooking. When she eats how can she not be a gym fanatic. And her saga continues. 

This is why I am here to keep the journey going. Let us join and make this a fun filled world.