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I am Unstoppable, Free and Powerful -with Unnati Silks

December 5, 2018

I am an Indian woman first and then a fashion enthusiast. I own the responsibility to carry my tradition and roots along with me as I take steps forward in the path of an emerging influencer. I am unstoppable, free and powerful. Adding little quirkiness to hand loom sarees by styling in an innovative way talks about my peppy pursuits and helps establish my unique identity. Definitely I wish to attract modern Indian women come close to ethnic wear and understand how sensous and beautiful draping a saree is.

While the fashion from western world is gaining popularity, brands like Unnati Silks are pioneer in keeping the saga ‘Handloom for Woman’ alive since three decades. Bringing together exceptionally talented artisans from across 21 states in India and consistently innovating in creating unique, refreshing, fashionable experience for their customers. The man behind Unnati Silks Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Devendra Gopal Ladha has nurtured a single room effort in handlooms, begun in 1980, which today has blossomed into a well-managed family enterprise with global operations. Right from his student days he had developed a love for handlooms; fabrics that he considered as pure, having a smooth touch and vibrant feel. He had a soft corner for the traditional artistry that ethnic practitioners displayed in the cotton and silk fabrics but as he felt ‘never got their place in the sun’ for the marvelous offerings that they created. A brainwave struck him, where he felt Unnati could contribute to the handloom effort through a direct engagement with the weaver. Unnati would suggest the ideas of color, designs and other info that hinted at market tastes, the weaver would translate them into fine count handloom weaves that would fetch them a respectable livelihood while Unnati would gain from the authentic goods. The idea that Mr.Ladha had in mind bore fruit when some weavers wove some of the designs in the colors he suggested that were current and catchy. The outcomes on silk and cotton were novel and created a stir by their changed look. Unnati Silks no longer remained an idea. It became a reality. It was the start of a long standing relationship that has endured in time till date, a bond that will not break easily.

Let us get into detailing of the look I created with Mangalgiri saree from Unnati Silks. The pattern of colored stripes of white and green and lovely plain colored border  in saree are so very eye catchy. The horizontal striped pallu makes a fashion statement. I draped the saree over a red one-shoulder layered ruffle trim bodysuit. A color contrast always takes the whole look one level up. I took a seedha pallu from back over my right shoulder which at times I can style by holding around my hands for a change. Messing up with lot of heavy jewelry would not have done justice to this look. I rather styled with simple over sized hoop earrings which manages to attract eye balls towards your face. My other stand out accessory was a black geometric sunglasses with minimalist gold-toned chain adding some madness to the whole look. I picked my red stilettos for foot. When the outfit had a lot of colors I was sensible enough to wear a nude makeup and red lips. This is my ready to rock an event look for the day.

How much you loved my styling I will get to know if you leave a comment below. Keep loving and keep sharing my blog post.


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