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Making Masks is absolutely Easy & Safe Now

April 29, 2020

Hey everyone! Hope you are staying safe at home and carrying a big smile on face. This is one thing I would wish you all from now on as keeping ourselves away from this deadly virus is so necessary until we successfully break the chain.

I am trying my best to spread the right messages and the right piece of information through my contents. This time I made some face masks for my use as lock down 2.0 is about to get over and there is chance I might start going to my work place. Now I might need frequent usage of masks and I wanted to be prepared well ahead. Also we all know how our health workers are struggling constantly and it is our duty to reserve the N95 masks for them to keep them safe while they serve us. While standing on my balcony I see so many people on roads are travelling without masks thinking everything is normal or wearing mask is less fashionable or its absolute discomfort or they cannot afford one. Let me clarify wearing a mask is the need of the hour, it is fashionable and not too expensive. So let me show you how I made these masks at home and I will also share trusted link which you must follow to make your own masks.

  • Tee Mask:

I cut out  10'' X 6'' pieces from bottom end of a clean white tightly knit t-shirt both front and back. I hem stitched the cut end and looped one rubber band at fold 1 then the other rubber band into the two open ends after turning the mask inside out. Once I stitched the open ends I also tagged the rubber bands so that they do not keep slipping off from their positions . Finally turned the stitched face inwards and my mask is ready now.


  • Scarf Mask:

I took my super cute blue printed scarf and rolled it along length such that the width remains 6''. Now looped in two rubber bands at both ends and folded the scarf along the longer ends and pushed one into the other so that the the length is approximately 10''. Finally stitched them so that they do not slip. My scarf mask is ready now.

Basic Precautions I followed:

  1. Cleaned and sanitized the surface, clothes and hands before making the mask.
  2. After mask is made it was washed and dried again.

If you want to make a mask at home, then you need to follow all instructions as mentioned in Arogya Setu App and only refer this trusted source.

Link -

Guys! We have so much time at home now so let us make it productive and do something where we can contribute our bit towards the society.  Masks are not anything less fashionable. What say?

I would request you to spread the word and share this blog post only if you think this will help or inspire someone in making their own masks and we together in return we are going to help our health care officials.


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