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My Peppy Pursuits turns 1

June 8, 2019

Taking a deep breath as I am getting all nostalgic about how I dived into blogging last year. It was just that night when I suddenly woke up from sleep and everything around me seemed so dark and scary. I questioned myself if I am actually doing what I love and this changed everything in my life. It was from that day and no stopping till now, still I would say the journey has just began.

This involved a lot of initial ground work from reading a lot of blogs and understand how to start off with. Also I read some posts about Instagram strategy which I still continue to keep pace with the new updates coming in. Then getting my domain name, logo and website ready, with my first blog post going live on 6th June 2018. It was a Travel Blog about my trip to Dubai & Abu Dhabi. I have consistently put efforts in improving my content and pitching for brand collaborations. Also need to admit that I haven’t invested much time in promoting my website as being a insta influencer and also an engineer was on the heavier side. But you will see me doing it this year. The happy news is that I was able to manage 82 brand collaborations, feature on Plixxo and The BnB Mag , 2 magazines(RITZ and VIVAL’amore) and 2 newspapers(Times of India and The Deccan Chronicles).

I have got so many DMs about how to venture into blogging and what is it all about. Definitely a blogger’s life looks fascinating but trust me, it is just very normal where there is a lot of work involved say from creating content to writing on your website to those happy pictures on Instagram or YouTube video. These days blogging or influencing has become really popular and so competition is tough. Here I have listed down five learnings of this year.

  • When you start off with an initial investment is necessary be it for getting your domain name and website ready, promotion and advertising, aesthetics for your content, fashionable outfits, styling and makeup , also travelling if you love travel blogging.
  • Most of them say because it is true. Keep creating authentic content through which you target helping your followers or subscribers. Remember taking inspiration is never wrong when you start off with but copying in the name of it is a big no no.
  • When you go for brand collaborations hunt, make a huge list of brand names and get their email ids from website or from Instagram page. Start sending them your proposals and you never know. It is not wrong to approach a brand rather than keep waiting for opportunities come kiss your foot.
  • The most important of all is being consistent. Keep posting at a fast pace, everyday atleast 1 is the most recommended.
  • Take a break and travel or just spend some quality time at home. Read books, watch Netflix, anything you love to do and relax . This helps you gather energy and enhance your creative side.

Thank you everyone for all love and support. I am actually falling short of words to thank you. Please like and share this post. Comment if you want to read more such similar posts.

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