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Summer Hues for Indian Skin

June 25, 2019

Where does the colors come from? It is the nature what has been inspiring the fashion industry since ages. Just peep out of your windows and you see the dreamlike clear blue sky, occasional white clouds, golden rays of sun, yellow mangoes, pink flowers, greenery around. What more you want? Color tones ranging are from bright & colorful or neutrals & fresh. We need to pick the right one which best suits our skin.

How to know if it is the right color for your skin tone? The easiest way is to listen to your gut feeling and your senses. Place the outfit by the side of your face near the neck or jawline, it should brighten up your face and you should look lively. That is the perfect pick. Remember brighten up does not mean a fair skintone.

Which colors most fashionable this season? I will be using terminologies from those declared by Pantone color palette. My top 5 picks from summer hues which would best suit Indian skintone-

  • Turmeric- The bright color of turmeric is the next big color seen at Paris Fashion week unveiling scarfs and pantsuits. This warm colors feels exotic and luxurious when teamed up with white.
  • Pink Peacock- This loud magenta shade cannot be ignored. It is so noticeable that you would love to wear it alone. This is perfect shade to play around color blocking with neutral ones. A high slit gown or a satin wrap coat with oversized sleeves will look best when you decide to wear it alone.
  • Sweet Lilac- It is just as if someone has sprinkled a pinch of lavender on top. It's sweet but not too much, designers have chosen to do something sleek and minimalist but not losing the feminist touch. Style a ruffle bell sleeve topwear with a pair of carrot pants in mustard.
  • Eclipse - It's touch down neutral tone, a much darker navy blue doing justicd to its nature. This mysterious and seriously dark shade blooms as prints on pastels or white.
  • Terrarium Moss - It takes me to the jungles with the dense lush green canopy and makes me feel cool. Also this shade is fierce and powerful symbolizing feminism and widely called a dual shade. I would love to style a black bodysuit with a pair of cargo pants in this shade or a white teeshirt dress and a bomber jacket in the terrarium moss.

What I actually did this summer? I have styled a Pink Peacock tie dye pleated pants with a one shoulder crop top and a metal shell designer choker. Spent whole of summers in a retro street style.

This is how we end the summer fashion dose. You would have loved my color picks. Comment below your favorite summer color trend has been, also like and share the post.


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